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Please join us at a benefit for our good friend TRUDY MENDOZA STEVENSON, Trudy was in a horrific car accident in July, in which she broke her neck and collar bone. It's nothing less than a miracle she's still with us! Barrio Latino will perform around five-ish but the benefit will be an all day event with lot's of entertainment. It's being held at THE AMERICAN LEGION post 41, 2nd ST. and GRANT. in PHX

 Join Barrio Latino! 


The group's main members are:

Andy Gonzales (bass, vocals, guitar) 

Gary Romero (keyboards, vocals) 

Barrio Latino has been the guiding force of traditional and contemporary Mexican and Latin music in Arizona. The band has created pandemonium with audiences 
wherever they take their high-powered show.  Their musical styles include everything from  samba, salsa, cha cha, cumbia, polka, bolero, waltz, jazz, blues, Latin cross-over and funk. With their powerhouse percussion and fiery sounds it is certainly difficult to "label"  this very versatile band.  They are masters of whatever style music they play.

  Barrio Latino has performed on the same stages with Maureen McGovern and  (singer/dancer) Gregory Hines, Los Lobos and Little Joe y La Familia.  Their resume also includes shows with Selena, Sergio Mendez  and comedians Paul Rodriguez and HBO's Carlos Mencia.

Barrio Latino has also had three of their songs placed in two major motion pictures.  "Wait Boy" was placed in the movie "Ransom" starring Mel Gibson.  "Sonoran Salsa" and "Rafael el Colombiano" were placed in the movie  "The Devil's Own" starring Brad Pitt and Harrison Ford.

  The people of Arizona have voted Barrio Latino the "Best Latin Band" for the "New Times Music Awards" for the years 1996, 97, 98, 99 AND 2000.

Johnny Carrasco
(electric, acoustic and synthesized guitars, vocals) 

Robert Scott (drums, percussion and vocals).


Check out the 
Band's Store!!

You can get some Really COOL 
Merchandise with photo's of the
Band  and the Band's Logo!! 
The Barrio Latino store now 
features long sleeve T-shirts
and sweatshirts. 
MANY sizes now 
See a couple of 
samples below.

           Ash Gray T-Shirt

           Baby Doll T-shirt

Gary and Joey Jammin'

Joey Jams with Barrio Latino


Did you get a new reed??? HA HA

Freddie and Dennis singing

Abby!!! WOW! Those are some fast hands.





Photos of the Week..or month or...whenever If YOU have pictures of the band or with you and your friends enjoying Barrio Latino...Scan them and send them to  your illustrious webmaster.  Preferably in JPG format.  All submissions will be given credit. Thank you Just click here

Click to see pictures from Garcia's on June 9th

If you would like to request prints, email the webmaster for details.


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Happy Birthday Charlotte!!


Gary and Charlotte


Hey Girl!!


Freddie, Dennis, Abby and Johnny


You should be Dancin' (isn't there a song with that title?)


Freddie Duran and Gary Romero


Gary, Freddie and Abby


I'm your SAX MAN!!!



These folks were having a great time!


Joey Navarro dropped by for a set.


Say Cheese!!


Go Abby Go!!



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