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Band Members

Andy Gonzales


Abby Ray

Abby Ray

(bio coming soon)

Dowell Davis

Anita Benevitez

Rick Benevitez

(pics and bios coming)

Guest Artist:

Jennifer Rico

Barrio Latino (literal translation - “Latin Neighborhood”) has been a guiding force for traditional and contemporary Latin-crossover music in the Southwest. The band creates pandemonium with audiences wherever they take their high-powered show with musical styles that include everything from rock, salsa, pop, ranchero, cha cha, cumbia, romantic, merengue, jazz, blues, R&B, “old school”, and funk. With their powerhouse rhythmic hooks, smooth vocals, strong percussion and lyrics that paint pictures from the barrio, it is certainly difficult to label this very versatile band.  With the blending of English and Spanish cultures, Barrio Latino’s original music is paving an innovative road that celebrates diversity.

Barrio Latino has performed on the same stages with Selena, Los Lobos, Little Joe y La Familia, Poncho Sanchez, Gato Barbieri, Tito Puente Jr., and War.  Their resume also includes shows with Sergio Mendez, jazz singer Maureen McGovern, Gregory Hines, and shows with well-known comedians Paul Rodriguez and HBO's Carlos Mencia.

The music of Barrio Latino has been featured in film and television in Ransom starring Mel Gibson, The Devil's Own starring Brad Pitt and Harrison Ford, television miniseries Falcon, You’ll Never Wiez In This Town Again starring Pauly Shore, the independent film Our Finest Hour, the television show That’s Life, the Emmy/Golden Globe award winning television show The Shield, and in countless commercials. Barrio Latino and its members reside in the barrios (neighborhoods) of Phoenix, AZ and Los Angeles, CA.