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Welcome to the page for Barrio Latino photos and downloads. Clicking on an image will give you a large version of that photo.  Click on the title to take you to a new page with the slideshow or photo album.  There are downloads available where indicated. 

Assortment of recent photos

Andy and Jen with Lyle Lovett


Hot Latin Jazz Fest   Sedona, AZ 

Photo Album

 May 4th, 2002

sedonabow.jpg (37256 bytes)

Fire Victims' Benefit 

at Jilly's -Slideshow

July 21st, 2002

garyjenandy.jpg (439230 bytes)

Downloads available

Joseph and Hispano CD Release Party

at the Cajun House-Slideshow

July 26th, 2002

bandfull.jpg (200292 bytes)

Downloads available.


Barcelona Chandler

September 20th, 2002

Desert Foothills Slideshow

April, 2002

This is a fun slideshow with music.